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We are providing 8 hours north goa sightseeing tour by car at Rs. 2000 for AC small car. We are providing 8 hours south goa sightseeing tour by car at Rs. 2700. 👈. Baga is a famous beach destination in North Goa that attracts thousands of tourists and watersports lovers to its heart. The beach shares its coastal line with the environs of Sinquerim, Candolim, and Baga, with the Baga shore being more lively and enticing. Watersports are the major attraction of Baga Beach. Parasailing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, kite surfing, and jet skiing are some of the top watersports activities to enjoy on Baga Beach. One can also go for dolphin spotting tours and island trips from the beach. Situated at a distance of 10 km from Mapusa and 15 km from Panjim. The source and the destination are well connected by a lot of local and government buses. The best time to visit Baga beach is between October to January. Baga also boasts one of the best nightlife scenes in Goa, the famous Tito’s Lane has some of the best bars and clubs. One unique attraction at Baga Beach is an indoor snow park that has a play area, sledding area, and ice bar. For shopaholics, there is a Tibetan Market on Baga Road. There are various watersports activities at Baga like Parasailing, Jetski, and Paddleboarding. Baga Beach has great accommodation options in each category - budget, mid-range, and luxury. Most of the hotels are closer to the beach area and some offer a great view of Baga from the rooms’ windows. Baga beach is also one of the favorite hangouts for nature enthusiasts, where one can relish the scenic beauty of a place. For couples, a candlelit dinner at the beachside is a perfect retreat for making it a romantic Baga beach holiday. Top Things to do in and around Baga Beach Watersports: Baga Beach’s major attraction is its plethora of watersports like parasailing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, kite surfing, and jet skiing that can be enjoyed by the tourists. Snow Park: Baga Beach has an indoor snow park where one can enjoy a number of games in the play area, sled in the sledding area, and relish a few drinks at the ice bar. Shopping: There is a Tibetan Market on Baga Road, then there is the famous Ingo’s Night Market at the closeby Arpora and Wednesday Flea Market at Anjuna Beach. Baga Beach Access via Air Dabolim Airport is the landing point for both domestic and international flights to Goa. Around 50 kilometers from Panjim, in the South Goa neighborhood of Vasco da Gama, is where you'll find the airport. To travel to Baga Beach, take a taxi or an autorickshaw. Dabolim Airport and Baga Beach are 40 kilometers apart, thus it may take 45 minutes to go there from the airport. How to Drive to Baga Beach 16.2 kilometers separate Baga Beach from Panjim's city center. Bus services within and outside of the city are permitted by Kadamba Transport Corporation Ltd and Goa State Transport Corporation. Additionally, these state-run businesses have excellent connections to important cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi and Pune. You can also opt for a taxi/cab to reach Baga Beach as cabs are easily available in the state. How to Reach Baga Beach By Rail The closest train stations to Baga Beach are Madgaon, Thivim, and Karmali, which are Goa's three main rail hubs. Baga Beach is only 20 kilometers from Thivim in North Goa, but Karmali Station and Madgaon Station are 28 and 52 kilometers apart, respectively. Using a bus or taxi is the quickest method to get to Baga Beach from the closest train station. How to reach Baga Beach From Panaji The Goa coastline's Baga Beach is located to the north of Panaji, the state's charming tiny capital. The distance from Panaji to Baga Beach is 18.1 kilometers. The simplest method is to take a bus from the Panaji Bus Station, which will take you to Baga Beach in about 30 to 35 minutes.


North GoaTour taxi service. Calangute beach is the biggest and the most popular one in North Goa, known as the “Queen of Beaches “ in goa. Calangute Beach caters to all types of travelers, from nature lovers to adventure junkies to party freaks, boasting sparkling charm as well as beauty. Situated 15 km from Panjim and 40 Km from Goa International Airport, Calangute Beach is the longest beach in North Goa, stretching from Candolim to Baga. Due to its sheer size and popularity, it is a hub for tourists and backpackers from all over the world. The best time to visit Calangute beach in Goa is between the months of late October to February. Although this beach can be visited at any given time of the year, these months are the most favorable of them all. the Calangute Beach of Goa is among the top ten bathing beaches in the world. Being one of the busiest and most commercial beaches of Goa. One absolutely cannot resist the wide variety of water sports at Calangute Beach, which is perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of this place. One of the most pursued activities here is parasailing in which the person is tied to a kite-like structure and is tugged behind a boat. Other interesting activities to be done here include some good old fishing, kayaking which is paddling through the water in a canoe-like boat, sailing, spotting dolphins and crocodiles besides visiting the island for fishing. One can visit the most vibrant places in Calangute Beach, like bars that offer live entertainment, sports screenings as well as board games to visitors, in addition, to live music and great food. Once the sun goes down, you can attend parties at Calangute beach, with crazy dancing, psychedelic music, delicious drinks, or scrumptious food, you will find all the elements of a memorable night, right here. After an amazing day, One can have a great stay at this budget resort while enjoying their holiday the most. Some places to visit near Calangute beach: 1. The Aguada Fort stands right in the middle of the sea, with a dark-bricked road leading to it, Structured in the Portuguese style of architecture. 2. Baga Beach is a much quieter and less crowded beach in comparison to Calangute. How To Reach Calangute Beach By Air Are you intending to travel to Goa by plane to get to Calangute Beach? The primary airport for both local and international flights is Dabolim Airport or Goa International Airport. The distance from the Goa Airport to Calangute Beach is 40.8 kilometers. From the airport, it will take around 1 hour and 12 minutes to take a taxi or cab to Calangute Beach. How To Reach Calangute Beach By Road The Calangute Beach distance is approximately 14.2 km from the main city centre, making it relatively easy to reach any part of Goa. The transport corporation of Goa runs numerous state-run bus services that connect Calangute Beach location to major Indian cities like Mumbai, Pune, and Delhi. You can also hire a cab or taxi to reach Calangute beach comfortably as state roads are also quite well constructed. How To Reach Calangute Beach By Rail There are a couple railroad stations that are somewhat close to Calangute Beach if you're traveling by rail. Calangute beach is 18.4 kilometers from Thivim train station, and 41 kilometers from Vasco Da Gama railway station. So, you may simply get to Calangute Beach by taking a bus or cab from any of the nearby railway stations. How To Reach Calangute Beach From Panjim In the heart of Panjim, Calangute Beach is situated on the shores of the Arabian Sea. The distance from Panjim to Calangute Beach is roughly 15.3 kilometers. Reaching Calangute Beach requires a 30- to 40-minute drive. The simplest option is to take a bus from Panjim Bus Stand, which would cost between INR 10 and INR 20.



The centre of the growth of Goa tourism is Anjuna, which is located 8 kilometres from Mapusa and 18 kilometres from Panaji. After being discovered by the hippies in the 1970s, it immediately gained a reputation for drug use, wild parties, and independence. There are several parties held here at night, with Christmas and New Year's seeing the most attendees. A 1–5 km dirt road descends southward to the renowned Anjuna flea market and the sandy beach at the northern end of Anjuna, where a tall laterite cliff projects into the sea. Anjuna beach hosts a flea market every Wednesday. This market, which is huge and spread out along the Anjuna coast line, is highly well-liked by tourists and offers everything under the sun. People believed the things being sold here were flea-infested, hence the name. It takes place at the Dando hamlet, which is close to Anjuna beach, close to the seashore. For lodging, there are several guest homes and hotels close to the hamlet of Anjuna. Even a number of excellent eateries may be found there. You may take a bus from Mapusa, where they depart every 15 minutes for the 45-minute trip, to arrive to Anjuna. The major bus stop in Anjuna is located at the intersection of the roads leading to Mapusa and Vagator, where taxis and motorbike riders may also be seen. Activities Anjuna is famous for trance parties held on its beach during the tourist season (October - April). Every Wednesday and Saturday, Anjuna holds the well-known flea market, where goods from all over India and from foreigners are sold, including fruits, jewellery, garments, hashish, and technological items. Both a day market on Wednesdays and a night market on Saturdays run from early in the morning until 7:30 p.m. Anjuna Beach Anjuna Beach is a beach in Goa that is situated 8 kilometres west of Mapusa and 18 kilometres from Panaji. It is located in North Goa's Anjuna village, Bardez Taluka. The beach is a portion of a 30 kilometer-long extended beach beachfront along the Arabian Sea on Goa's west coast. The Chapora Fort and the Anjuna flea market are nearby attractions.


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